Collaborative Research and Data Sharing - Visit to FEUN

June 26-28, 2024 Nish, Serbia
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From June 26-28th, 2024, the Faculty of Economics at the University of Niš (FEUN) hosted an event focused on collaborative research and data sharing among widening partners. The visit aimed to showcase FEUN's infrastructure, projects, and the extensive cooperation potentials with its partners.

On the first day, attendees gathered at the Faculty of Economics in Niš, where the event began with a warm welcome from Jelena Stanković, Project Coordinator, and Dragana Radenković-Jocić, Vice-Dean. The morning session featured a series of presentations highlighting FEUN's diverse projects and research infrastructure. Ivana Marjanović presented the UR-DATA project, followed by Sandra Milanović with USE-IPM, Sonja Jovanović with Green & Social Startups, Milica Jovanović Vujatović with Light Code, Vesna Janković Milić with ODLEP, and Ružica Petrović with JUST4ALL. These presentations underscored FEUN’s commitment to various innovative and impactful initiatives.

Further on, Marija Džunić introduced the LEUA Laboratory, followed by Marina Stanojević, who presented the journal "Economic Themes." The audience also learned about the conferences organised by FEUN through a presentation by Aleksandar Manasijević. Dragana Radenković Jocić then presented the Centre of Economic Research, providing insights into its contributions to the academic community.

The afternoon session was dedicated to the semi-annual meeting of project partners. Jelena Stanković opened the session with remarks, which then continued with discussions on the preparation of the further CROSS-REIS events. The day concluded with a comprehensive discussion, fostering collaboration and planning for future activities.

The second day took place at the Science-Technology Park Niš. Participants were given a tour of the park, followed by a presentation on the Advanced Technology Forum. This visit provided valuable insights into the advanced technological initiatives and innovations at the park.

In the afternoon, participants visited the SKIP Centar, the first Serbian-Korean Information Access Center, as a part of the Ministry of Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government. SKIP Centar provides education for civil servants while also offering free access to its services for citizens and start-up companies. The centre's goal is to enable free access to and familiarity with information and communication technology (ICT) achievements, especially in e-governance services, in its highly technologically equipped space. This visit offered attendees insights into the centre's initiatives and its role in advancing digital literacy and international cooperation.

The final day was dedicated to familiarising participants with the "Regional Development and Demographic Flows of Southeastern European Countries" conference. The morning session involved various presentations and discussions, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of regional development challenges and demographic trends. After a lunch break, the event concluded with a final discussion and closing remarks by Jelena Stanković, encapsulating the collaborative spirit and the potential for future partnerships.

This event highlighted FEUN's commitment to fostering international collaboration and enhancing scientific excellence through robust research infrastructure and cooperative initiatives. The visit provided valuable insights into the potential for future CROSS-REIS efforts and partnerships.