Knowledge Hub

Online Resource Hub

Centralised Knowledge Hub for Circular Economy and Waste Management

Destination for accessing a diverse array of digital resources - dive into a treasure trove of articles, insightful case studies, engaging webinars, and other valuable materials carefully curated to empower institutions and partners alike. Engage in vibrant discussions, connect with like-minded partners, and exchange invaluable ideas and best practices through our interactive discussion forums.

Open Access Database

Your Gateway to Regenerative Economy Insight

Online OA database dedicated to fostering sustainable practices in circular economy, waste management, and enhancing quality of life in widening countries. We gather official data across our consortium, spanning from waste collection to recycling efforts and beyond, all at the NUTS3 level within five consortium nations.

Regional Digital Platform

Your Nexus for Intersectoral Collaboration!

A dynamic hub, uniting institutions across sectors in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, and Slovenia. Designed to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration, this platform is the cornerstone for academia, industry, and policymaking entities seeking to drive impactful projects in circular economy, waste management, biodiversity, and quality of life.