The Launch of CROSS-REIS Project

The two-day kick-off meeting, held in a hybrid manner on 29th and 30th of January 2024, was organised at Faculty of Economics, University of Niš (FEUN), to officially launch the CROSS-REIS project. Supported by the European Union under GA 01136834, within the Horizon 2021-2027 program, the project aims to foster collaboration among academic partners across widening and science-leading European countries.

This event marked the beginning of a strategic partnership. Consortium representatives from Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, and Albania gathered alongside counterparts from Spain, Norway, and Italy to lay the groundwork for interdisciplinary research in the field of regenerative economy. Partners actively engaged in discussions, presentations, and planning for the project's future activities. The action plan, work packages, and management structures established at the kick-off meeting are expected to provide a clear roadmap for the project's implementation.

The project consortium, lead by FEUN from Serbia, includes a diverse network of esteemed partners from various regions, including:

  • University of Montenegro Podgorica (UOM), Montenegro
  • University of Rijeka Faculty of Economics (EFRI), Croatia
  • Co-Plan - Institute for Habitat Development (Co-PLAN), Albania
  • University of Ljubljana (UL), Slovenia
  • Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), Norway
  • POLIEDRA - Environmental and Territorial Planning Service Center Consortium of the Polytechnic University of Milan (POLIEDRA), Italy
  • Euro Mediterranean Economist Association (EMEA), Spain
  • Partners in Solutions and Development (DSA), Albania

Additionally, the kick-off meeting welcomed representatives of policy-making bodies, including the Administrative Department of the Economy, Development, Ecology, and EU Projects from Croatia, the Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro, the Board Member at HAMAG-BICRO, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Republic of Croatia, and a representative from the Center for the Circular Economy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Their presence underscored the project's significance in aligning research initiatives with policy frameworks for sustainable economic development.

Kicking off with opening remarks from project coordinator Jelena Stanković and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Tadija Đukić, the meeting continued with insightful discussions led by External Expert Advisory Council member Aura Reggiani. The diverse representation of institutions from different European countries reflects the project's commitment to inclusiveness and cross-border collaboration. During the first day, all WP leaders presented the objectives of corresponding WPs and the main activities that need to be carried out within that WP. Additionally, the Project Officer Monica Hoek provided insights into formal requirements and issues related to project monitoring, open science, dissemination, communication, and exploitation.

During the second day, the team agreed on the schedule of activities during the first year of the CROSS-REIS project implementation. Furthermore, project bodies have been established, namely the Steering Committee and Quality Assurance Committee. As the project progresses, these initial discussions and plans will serve as the foundation for achieving the objectives outlined in the project description.

With live media coverage ensuring comprehensive visibility, the CROSS-REIS project embarks on its journey towards fostering collaborative research excellence in regenerative economy innovation eco-systems.

Stay tuned for updates on our journey towards research excellence and sustainable economic practices. #crossreis #HorizonEU #RegenerativeEconomyInnovation