CROSS-REIS Project Dissemination at ESSEFT Multiplier Event

12 May 2024 The University of Dubrovnik, Croatia

The University of Dubrovnik, Croatia, recently hosted a Multiplier Event as part of the ESSEFT (Enhancing Skills for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Tourism) project, funded by Erasmus+. This event served as a platform for the dissemination of the CROSS-REIS project's pioneering initiatives. Led by prof. Jelena Stanković, the CROSS-REIS project coordinator, the event highlighted the project's role in advancing regenerative economy principles through collaborative research and innovation.

The attendees, including the Academy of Professional Studies South Serbia (APSSS), University of Macedonia, University of Dubrovnik, Electric Circuit, and Hotel Ramonda gathered to explore sustainable tourism practices. The gathering served as an excellent opportunity for showcasing the CROSS-REIS project and its mission to promote excellence in science and collaboration across higher education and research institutions. Discussions at the event centred on the integration of regenerative economy principles into tourism practices, with all partners actively engaging in dialogues on collaborative opportunities and knowledge exchange. The event underscored the CROSS-REIS project's commitment to fostering sustainability and eco-friendliness on a global scale, resonating with ESSEFT's overarching goals.

The ESSEFT Multiplier Event hosted a dynamic Community Interaction and Inter-Project Coach Meeting, providing a collaborative platform for knowledge exchange and partnership building. Alongside CROSS-REIS and UR-DATA projects, coordinated by the Faculty of Economics, University of Niš, several other innovative initiatives were presented. These include TEP – Together for Environment (USAID), Experimental Entrepreneurship Lab (Erasmus+ KA2), BLUEfasma Project - Turning Waste into Profit, Skills4Water (Erasmus+), For Their Wellbeing 2 ESF-CKM Dubrovnik, and Green & Social Start-Ups (Erasmus+). This diverse array of projects showed a collective commitment to addressing environmental challenges, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting sustainable practices across various sectors.

The dissemination of the CROSS-REIS project at the ESSEFT Multiplier Event exemplified the project's dedication to sharing knowledge and best practices with diverse stakeholders.

Stay tuned for updates on our work towards creating positive change and building a more sustainable world. #crossreis #HorizonEU #RegenerativeEconomyInnovation