CROSS-REIS Info day at University of Montenegro

14 May 2024 Podgorica, Montenegro

The first CROSS-REIS Info Day was hosted at the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro, aiming to inform the professional and academic community about the activities and expected outcomes of the CROSS-REIS project. The event was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, prof. Mijat Jocović, expressing his satisfaction with the Faculty’s involvement in the project. Project leader, prof. Ana Lalević-Filipović, highlighted the project's goal of enhancing scientific excellence and fostering collaboration among higher education and research institutions. She emphasised the project's focus on creating an innovative regenerative economy ecosystem to address climate change and resource scarcity through research in circular economy, waste management, and urban biodiversity.

Key project outcomes were announced, including the launch of a specialised journal Regenerative Economics, the establishment of a regional economic forum, and the creation of a comprehensive database for tracking regenerative economy development.

A significant part of the event was the roundtable discussion titled From Linear to Circular Economy – Where Does Montenegro Stand? Moderated by dr Milena Lipovina-Božović, the discussion featured key figures such as dr Milan Gazdić, Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, mr Anđela Gajević from the Ministry of Economic Development, Tanja Radusinović from the Chamber of Commerce, Boban Stanić from Remid VIS, and Ilija Kaluđerović from the “Green Wave” initiative.

Panellists discussed Montenegro’s progress towards a circular economy, highlighting existing policies and initiatives in recycling and waste reduction. Moderator dr Milena Lipovina-Božović emphasised that Montenegro, as a country striving for sustainable development and the protection of its natural beauty, has begun to recognize the importance of transitioning to a circular model. However, much more effort is needed, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, legislative improvements, and education. Mr Anđela Gajević emphasised the importance of integrating circular economy principles into strategic documents to raise awareness among decision-makers and the business sector. Dr Milan Gazdić pointed out the environmental agency's role in promoting sustainability and overcoming challenges like waste management and pollution control. Tanja Radusinović highlighted the Chamber of Commerce's activities through the establishment of a Circular Economy HUB, a unique point for circular initiatives and solutions. Boban Stanić shared innovative approaches at his company, Remid VIS, particularly the integration of seemingly unusable materials and products into their production process to create new added value. Ilija Kaluđerović discussed the “Green Wave” initiative, one of Montenegro’s most significant ecological projects, emphasising the importance of raising awareness and educating the broader public.

The event concluded with an announcement from dr Jovan Đurašković about the upcoming MICEB 2024 conference on Green Entrepreneurship and Innovation, scheduled for September 12-13, 2024, featuring keynote speakers Aura Reggiani, Ron Boschma, and Maya Karkour.